Keeping a position open for days in the CFD industry


There is to significantly distinguished way of trading in Forex, the short term trading, and the long term trading. Every strategy has advantages as well as downgrades but many people like to know what would happen to my money if I keep the trade open overnight or perhaps for a few days. This article is going to progress on this particular matter and we will try to explain why knowing this concept better is crucial to success. Generally speaking, investors are only involved in managing the fund in currency trading. Profit or loss is solely the responsibility of the individual trader. Things begin to change when a position is kept open overnight.

Whether the broker will provide an interest based on the amount of charge depending on their terms. If you are thinking that this small fee of 10 20 cents is not significant, continue reading as we will explain the hidden dangers.

It is usually appropriate for long time techniques

In long term trading strategies such as the positional or swing method, it is a very popular way of accumulated profit over time. The investors are certain of the price movement and they keep the order open until a substantial amount has been achieved. This may sound amazing and lucrative as well but there are many things that we need to know before replicating in this task. First of all, if you’re using a short-term method such as scalping or day trading this is not suitable at all. Exit the market as soon as an order has been placed and that is the soul of such formulas. Any order open for a long duration might fail which can subsequently lead to affecting the entire investment.

Roll overcharge

Very few traders consider the cost of trading. To them, the cost of trading is not but managing the trades in a very efficient way. Thousands of traders believe, they can offset the cost with one good trade. But this is not all true. The smart investors always give value to the smallest amount possible. They always chose a broker like Saxo who has transparent pricing on rollover and other associated fees so that they can calculate the base cost for the trade. To learn more about the fees and charge visit here. After you educate yourself properly, you will start taking things with seriousness.

Know whether the broker is going to charge money

This is another important concept that you must know before undertaking this decision. As various providers operate in this industry, and their terms and conditions are not the same. Although they need to abide by the general rules imposed by CFD trading brokers in Singapore, they are at liberty to charge from their respective clients for their various services. It has been found that many reputed brokers often charge a small fee for keeping the positions of one night but that is not the problem. Imagine 10 cents every night to keep a position open. This may not seem much but if this order is not executed within the due time the accumulated charge can grow into a big amount. This is where the small it can become an issue for beginners as they are not familiar with all the concepts.

Only choose this option when you are certain of the outcome in the long term

The professionals are expert in currency trading. They know where the price is going to move in the future and sometimes keep an order open for even months and years as well. This may sound crazy but it makes absolute sense to them who are managing a gigantic fund for the long term. Every day there is going to be money either charged or provided in the account. This method is very less as it can accumulate significant charge over a long period. Unless meticulous skills have been developing do not think of attempting such feats.

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