Compare low-cost Part-Time Traders Insurance premiums from leading UK insurers


Our group of experienced Part Time Traders Insurance brokers can help you get depending on particular motor trade coverage. The brokerage firms we partner with are amongst the most inexpensive in the marketplace, and they provide special programs for people that work time or full-time in the car industry. Part-time trader insurance is meant to protect persons who work part-time in the automotive business while simultaneously working full-time. Many individuals who desire to have a part-time policy work on the side or weekends. To assist you to evaluate Part Time Trader’s Insurance, designers partner with reputable UK brokers that have accessibility to the most competing technologies. 

Part-Time Traders Insurance is often more applicable to people who work in the automotive business to supplement their regular salary. This might entail selling, repairing, and maintaining vehicles on a weekly or weekend basis. Manufacturers may still want to see trade conduct, just like they would with a conventional motor commerce insurance contract. This is accomplished by submitting invoices for automobiles or components used in vehicle repairs. You will very certainly be required to prove a minimum number of automobiles that you are fixing or selling. This sum will be somewhat smaller than typical trader insurance, but it is still necessary.

The majority of part-time merchants will need to get road insurance coverage. If you do not work in the automotive business for money, you will most likely simply need private automobile insurance.

Considering that you’ll still be operating in the business on occasion and therefore not full-time, regulations can be highly flexible. A Part-Time Traders Insurance will often be relatively basic but will contain several different add-ons.

Coverage for mandatory insurance

  • Materials loss
  • Protection for your husband or wife
  • Numerous solitary drivers
  • Road danger (as standard)
  • Additional commercial purposes.

Whether you work in the motor industry as well as your coverage is due to be replaced, many merchants inquire if they can acquire a part-time coverage rather than a comprehensive policy to save money. The main difference between these two is that element dealers would have another job that is their principal source of income. The vehicle trading sector is essentially a side hustle for some dealers. Furthermore, due to the lower risk profile, the insurance level is frequently reduced to the basic minimum until raised.


Part-time coverage can be just as comprehensive as full-time coverage, and it’s likely to be less high considering your risk tolerance. Due to your increasing degree of trading activity, premium Full-Time coverage will cost extra at this moment. The greater the degree of merchandise trade, the more likely an incident would occur, resulting in a claim.

If you are a personality individual operating as just a sole trader, for example, and your principal source of income is your company, you may well be able to receive an amendment to your Part-Time Traders Insurance insurance that covers one primary source of income, simultaneously lowering your insurance rates. Inquire with our adviser about this.

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