Check the multiple advantages of working with a Customs Broker in Canada!

Importing goods and vehicles into Canada may seem like one long-drawn process, with a huge list of requirements. If you are planning to venture into international trade, or want to simply great your dream car into Canada from the US, you have to keep up with the procedure and must pay the applicable tariffs and taxes. For most people and businesses, it is a complicated affair, which is exactly why a Customs broker is hired.

Knowing Customs Brokers better

Customs brokers in Canada help clients, businesses and individuals alike, in staying compliant with the necessary rules and requirements of importing. Before you go ahead and select a service, you should know that all operating Customs brokers in Canada must be licensed, and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) issues the license. At the basic level, Customs brokers help clients in gathering the necessary documents, do the required work involved in submission, calculate the applicable taxes and charges, and submit everything to the department as needed. Many Customs brokers allow customers to apply for ITN number from their website, which is required for getting a vehicle in Canada 72 hours before importing.

Why hire a Customs broker?

Simply because you don’t want to deal with the complications of importing and want to avoid adverse tax implications. We all know that duties, tariffs and applicable fees are to be paid for importing, but we hardly know the rules, tariff classification and other aspects related to it. First and foremost, let’s first state that CBSA offers all the information that importers require, but understanding those can be confusing, which is exactly where Customs brokers step in. They know what duties and taxes are to be paid and which step should follow another, so that importing is streamlined completely. Their role is to take over and get the import to the client as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

They help clients in staying compliant, and many Customs brokers also work as the extended wing of businesses, assisting them in international trade and aspects related to it. They can be your consultants and can also advise on how and if you should import a particular product or vehicle to Canada.

In conclusion

It is not necessary under law to hire a Customs broker, but it is a good way to keep hassles of importing at bay, and we recommend that you consider this as an option.